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3rd October 2017

Hôtel de Ville de Paris

Place de l’Hôtel de Ville

75196 Paris cedex 04



Dear Madame la maire de Paris, Anne Hidalgo

I am writing in disappointment at the news that the Bibliothèque Marguerite Durand is to be closed down and rehoused at the Bibliothèque historique de la ville de Paris (BHVP) in the 4th arrondissement. This library has no space for its own collections, and so the BMD archives will have to be stored off-site, greatly restricting access and reducing contributions. The Mairie de Paris claims that this move will offer the BMD more visibility by virtue of the prestigious character of the BHVP building and its central location in Paris, as well as the presence at the BHVP of the feminist Marie-Louise Bouglé Collection and the George Sand Collection. If there were plenty of room for the BMD in this context, this might be the case. But the lack of space for the move means that this important history of women and feminism will effectively disappear.

The Bibliothèque Marguerite Durand, is a municipal library of the city of Paris that specializes in the history of women, feminism, and gender, and was founded in 1932 thanks to a gift from the feminist journalist Marguerite Durand. It should be celebrated rather than hidden in dusty boxes no one will see. The decision to move the library has been taken without consultation with the staff or partners at the BMD, and there has been no union agreement about the move. As a feminist mayor of Paris, we ask that you act urgently to save the BMD, and intervene to ensure that it is not rehoused in a context where it cannot be seen, let alone grow. We urge you to offer a space for the BMD that has real visibility and potential for expansion and enrichment of its collections.

Yours Sincerely

Faculty of the Department of Gender Studies, LSE

Dr Jacob Breslow

Prof. Mary Evans

Prof. Clare Hemmings

Dr Marsha Henry

Prof. Naila Kabeer

Dr Ece Kocabicak

Dr Sumi Madhok

Dr Anouk Patel-Campillo

Prof. Diane Perrons

Dr Ania Plomien

Dr Emma Spruce

Dr Aisling Swaine

Dr Sadie Wearing

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